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Diagnosing and treating physical pain and emotional problems


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Let's get personal

My name is Dor Ostrich.


I am an applied kinesiologist with over 16 years of experience in the human body.

I specialize in diagnosing and providing diverse solutions to people suffering from physical and emotional problems of various kinds.

Over the years I have helped hundreds of patients cope and recover from physical and emotional problems through personalized treatments while monitoring and learning throughout the process.

Applied kinesiologist? What is it?

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The method

Applied kinesiology is based on examining the muscle reflex.

The diagnosis is made by observing the muscle response and finding symptoms that suggest the source of the problem.

Unlike other treatment methods - the patient's physical strength is not important, so unlike treatment methods that test the strength of the muscle, the reflex test significantly reduces the margin of error in providing the treatment.

Who is the treatment suitable for?

For women and men of all ages.

The method treats a very wide range of areas ranging from physical problems (back pain, joints, headaches), problems in internal organs, nervous system and lymphatic system (responsible for draining toxins from the body) to a variety of emotional states like anxiety, sleep problems, depression and more.


It is important to understand - headaches will not necessarily indicate a problem in the head. Access to treatment should be very open. It is important for the patient to understand that all organs of the body function in synergy and are affected by each other. Treatment of one organ may cure pain and problems in other organs.


Many people suffer from physical and emotional problems and are unable to find the real solution.


They take a pill and move on until the next time.


Fighting your symptoms is not a solution!

Problems are needed to be solved from their root cause!

Time is my most valuable asset in solving your problem

I  promise that in a few sessions we will solve your problem

I don't have long processes!


The bottom line is there is no reason for you to continue to suffer all your life and let the situation worsen, do not give in to physical pain, anxiety, or other emotional states that impair your quality of life.

I'm here for you!

Contact me and let's end your pain!

You deserve to feel good

Dor Ostrich
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